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SAP systems continue to integrate the interfaces and systems of the future and they are continuously equipped with new database systems and more advanced technologies now offered over the Internet.

Besides, SAP cloud systems are quite persistent in placing them right in the center of S / 4 HANA. So, what should companies do if they think they are not ready for this development process and the demands of the new system?

portvMind helps you to wake up from a nightmarish experience of accepting the risks of being left behind the change, of being pushed to use older methods and operating systems and of getting caught unprepared to move to the new systems. PortvMind distributes the black clouds and lets you embark upon a journey towards operating systems of tomorrow.



SAP HANA is expanding its use worldwide, with the promise of bringing dozens of technological innovations to companies. The biggest problem is the transition process to the system where many companies are still not ready for infrastructure.

In companies that undertake such an operation by itself, all the procedures and technologies they are not prepared for can suddenly topple over the IT department. And the worst thing is, while all these processes are prolonged, time and resource losses experienced in all the other processes can result a lot more costly than predicted.

PortvMind easily builds SAP HANA As a Service on its own cloud system, and enables companies to manage all technological infrastructure investments to carry out all their operations. There, companies can get new SAP HANA modules both faster and more safely.

As you focus on your core business in your company, you may not always be able to fully address the issues with hardware and software infrastructures. Your experts may have difficulties in discovering and implementing the tasks you need to do in the next steps, due to their daily operations or dealing with unexpected situations that await an immediate response. The transition to SAP HANA is just not a minor software and hardware for any company, and most companies are already hesitant to make this choice. PortvMind´s expert staff has already completed all the preparations to run this process from start to finish and prepare you for HANA in the perfect way in the shortest amount of time.
SAP has already moved many submodules to HANA. Many fundamental changes in the HANA module such as data access and memory usage have been made. After completing the adequate implementation of these changes, SAP will close access and use of its old modules in the next step and require to pass it all to HANA for all its customers.
PortvMind specialists configure the SAP HANA As A Service service specifically for each customer, and plan the processes by understanding the internal structure and operational innovations that the company will go through. During management of this process, while our expert staff plans make a transition as smooth as possible, it also works for you to get the maximum benefit from SAP HANA and use the modules you integrated at the highest capacity.
In the SAP / HANA model, the cloud system is put into the center and the usual data center and memory usage methods are completely shelved. Cloud centers of portvMind can form the basis of the cloud infrastructure needed for transition to HANA. While the HANA module is built on the portvMind cloud, the entire operational and data load of the company can be carried onto the new media successfully without facing any management or procedural weaknesses.
While SAP is now gradually removing its old modules, it offers the HANA module as a new system to all its clients. Many companies are made to keep up with this transition as they may have to undergo an intense IT investment and process. At this point, portvMind offers SAP HANA As A Service, which manages all the processes of the companies, and undertakes all infrastructure and process investments and management operation with its expert team.

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