Platform as a Service


Platform As A Service systems provide easy and fast access to enterprise applications with its specially integrated interface through its portvMind cloud-based systems.

Platform As A Service provides many critical applications and services presented to its users in a single interface, completely free of complex structures and combined with the infrastructure needed within the framework of IT services.

All institutions that benefit from Platform As A Service enjoy the advantages of focusing on their own business and having a smooth infrastructure and interface where portvMind is fully responsible for the continuous development and simplification requirements.



Keeping all your applications and information in the safest environment possible is the priority of portvMind. The ISO certified cloud environment owned by portvMind is at the basis of the infrastructure of Platform As A Service and provides the required high-security infrastructure to its customers.

The whole process of resource transfer is one of the most crucial focal points where portvMind can show the efficiency of the Platform As A Service and preventing any delays experienced by users.

We share the advantages of being the first and only company with 3 different data centers in the region as we can give our customers a unique 99.999% SLA guarantee.

If you want to increase the performance of your applications both to expand your working hours and to gain flexibility in accessing your applications; and if you want to achieve all this by reducing your total costs with with your own economic preferences and by bringing the specially designed infrastructure where you can integrate future developments, Platform As A Service infrastructure is the perfect match offered by portvMind specifically for you.
Built on the cloud infrastructure provided by portvMind accross 3 different data centers, your new interface will allow you to access all the applications you need through a single point. Access to your interface is ensured by a high bandwidth, thus never letting you experience difficulty, slowness or any interruptions.
portvMind is able to offer all its customers the technology it designed to provide special developments and integrations by being able to continually them with the most efficient solutions.
The data and applications you keep in your own IT structure may not provide maximum security against attacks. Ensuring security in portvMind data centers is the most vital priority. The systems dedicated to protecting your trusted assets in the most accurate and efficient way with multiple solutions are brought to you thanks to the ever-developing infrastructures of portvMind. In our data centers standardized with ISO certification, the layered security network provides high protection especially against DDOS attacks. We combine the Tier-1 Storage support of EMC, which offers the most advanced data storage solutions in the world, with Cisco servers and Palo Alto security solutions in portvMind services that we that runs on 24/7 technical support.
Dedicated to producing proactive solutions against all problems, the portvmind team ensures that your work continues without any interruption as real-time scans within the Platform As A Service service determines and informes you before even the slightest negative impact occurs. We focus on supporting all our work with solution-oriented approaches that we have developed for the satisfaction of our customers.

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