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“IT” is a professional field that is extremely complex, going through changes day by day and occupying an important place in the operation of every firm of certain size.

Coincidentally, most major companies ponder heavily upon how they can reduce the amount of time and resources they put into determining, carrying out and developing the IT processes necessary for the sake of the company. In other words, while “IT” has to offer you the infrastructure, in most of your operations, it has become your main concern. We claim that this must change now.

portvMind offers you the service you need with IT Management As A Service. You can manage your company's IT infrastructure by going the correct way for investment and choose IT Management As A Service. You can leave technical problems behind you, get ahead of your competitors and most importantly, use your valuable time to focus on your own business with ITMAAS.



portvMind provides IT Management As A Service along with providing cloud service in ISO certified data centers.

This way, it minimizes the effort and costs you spend on IT by keeping your digital media under observation 24/7 and creating an opportunity to intervene immediately with its expert staff. Comprehensive IT solution approach includes Business Continuity As A Service and Disaster Recovery As A Service services and deploys solutions tailored to your needs at the right time.

portvMind is at your side to get rid of problems, costs, slowness and all the previous and future IT problems that does nothing but try to take you away from doing your job.

In IT As A Service service, protection plans are prepared in case of fire, flood, earthquake or any other crisis and interruption that may occur. PortvMind offers you a solution guarantee against disasters and crises with 3 different data centers by restoring your access to all your systems and applications within minutes with its expert crisis management team who are aware of the importance of your valuable time.
You can use all the servers you want to include in the IT Management As A Service. With the support of PortvMind´s expert staff, the security and continuity of your IT services are ensured for all operating systems.
We realize that it is necessary to take into consideration a lot of details when making an IT investment. For this reason, it is the responsibility of portvMind to choose the most efficient systems, and go on to construct them to create the solutions will that enable you to do your job fast and economically. When you start usin IT Management As A Service, you can achieve high performance without an initial investment cost, and will easily get obtain all the conditions you wish to. To do this, contacting portvMind and evaluating performance reports will pave the way for you to redefine your needs and reduce your costs incurred.
portvMind expert team manages every step: We first digitally move your servers to our nearest data center with ISO certification of portvMind; meanwhile, we start protecting your applications and IT services for you, and operating in perfect harmony in the cloud environment with necessary integrations. The 24/7 surveillance mechanism and making sure of an instant intervention against any kind of crisis and interruption are offered within the scope.
While IT services are at the core of your company´s entire data and digital operations, the expertise and the cost burden it imposes on you is increasing. On the other hand, you have to be putting precious time into your job as a company, and you experience both loss of labor and money dealing with IT. With IT Management As A Service, which offers both a reliable and a definitive solution, portvMind takes the entire IT load off your shoulders and gives you the opportunity to focus on your business without any distractions.

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