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While managing their growth, companies think about their business-related markets, services, products, and operations and consequently build their plans.

While many issues such as how they can grow, goals to be set, developments of brands and products are put at the center of these plans, how they will manage their operations emerges as a separate resource problem. IT resources, which should take shape according to the degree of growth and constitute one of the most important infrastructure-heavy branches of the operation, are included in the plans as a part that exploits unwanted budgets or create problems for many companies.

One of the most unfortunate points, regardless of the plan at hand, is the burden of the unforeseen IT growth due to technological developments and the unpredictable costs arising from different needs and situations in the workplace. So, when making these plans, is there a solution that will both need less energy and resources of the company while providing flexibility according to plans and new operational demands?



portvMind Infrastructure As A Service is designed for companies aiming to grow and develop in their respective markets. In this service provided over the cloud, companies can determine their needs flexibly and with the help of the experts of portvMind, all their technical support and basic equipment needs can be met.

Because at the end of the day, what matters is that companies should focus on their own business and consume as little energy as possible on other branches such as IT. The experts in our team work to identify your current needs and provide you with the flexibility that suits your forecasts. Therefore, your company will never encounter surprises and can continue to grow continuously.

portvMind Infrastructure As A Service creates the opportunity to budget the IT effectively both in the short term and in the long term. In addition to the immediate savings from many hardware and software, it eliminates the burden of any additional investments and further integration processes and makes all IT growth management easier for you.

Cloud infrastructures offer optimum flexibility not only by remote access, but also by being scalable. In our Infrastructure As A Service, no matter how big the continuous equipment you need, you will not have any problems in accessing the resources over the cloud, and you will not face any problem in using effective resources with the integrations we provide.
portvMind´s expertise is to design and implement cloud and hardware infrastructures according to the customers´ IT needs for today and tomorrow. portvMind is the best information technology services companies in Turkey and have over 20 years of experience in operating all sizes of clients.
By choosing not to implement IAAS, you may have just chosen to face recurring break downs, lose the chance for an integrated and optimally managed accurate IT and cloud services currently available to your own IT team, and you may have allowed your IT infrastructure, which will still be difficult to implement in the aggressive growth plans you plan for tomorrow. PortvMind designed Infrastructure As A Service, where management, investment and implementation processes come together, for your most dynamic needs.
This service stands out as the most optimal solution for all companies seeking flexible IT structures and aiming to reduce the energy they allocate to IT in their future growth goals. portvMind experts can determine your needs with you and design the perfect dynamic structures you need.

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