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Transactions that require a high amount of technological investment, and which will require more from companies' hardware and software investment capacities, often push companies to certain limits.

Meeting the requirements of these transactions, which often only needs to be done occasionally, both causes an extra burden and creates idle investments when not running. In other words, it creates unnecessary expenses. In addition to the scenarios where we think about the size of the necessary investments to be made, there may be situations where some necessary investments can never be met due to various reasons. The worst thing to do in such cases would be to avoid these transactions altogether by sacrificing quality or service before consulting portvMind.

portvMind solves the problems of all companies that encounter difficulties, lose time, need to invest or cannot perform these transactions with HPC As A Service. It offers high performance computers in its own cloud services, where it can handle the processes that will last for days or calculations that normal computers can never handle a lot more efficiently. In doing so, it does not disturb the existing systems of companies; on the contrary, it helps to keep many of these resources alive.



The most important aspect of portvMind's solution for high performance transactions is the cost management.

Under the leadership of portvMind, all your previous problems can be solved without the need for additional software and hardware that would stretch the budget excessively. Under normal circumstances, you would need to install these investments in digital infrastructure of your company.

However, using only HPC As A Service and without any other hidden costs, you can avoid all the effort and spending. The expert staff of portvMind can dynamically shape the HPC As A Service modules according to your needs and come into play just in time when your company needs to do so with high efficiency.

We can determine the hardware and software requirements that can be solved mathematically, no matter how big in size or quality they require. Although supplying these requirements seems to be the first solution, it often stands out as both the most cost-effective solution and the riskiest type of investment. Unlike all other solutions available in the market, HPC As A Service is a solution created by integrating existing hardware with appropriate software in parallel with the cost-effective and rapid solution policy portvMind has in order to address companies’ problems.
It is necessary to evaluate what amount HPC As a Service will add to your budget and the operational advantages it creates by handling transactions quickly and precisely. It would normally be more logical to carry out such a study in the light of your conclusions after consulting with the experts of portvMind to consider the requirements of your transactions and to evaluate the degree of service you will receive.
HPC As A Service should not be the choice of every company or every operation. If a transaction is carried out continuously and is one of the company´s main businesses, a long term investment may seem more advantageous compared to HPC As A Service. However, the size of the investment made in discontinuous transactions, even for the transactions that are frequently repeated and visited on a daily basis, may not cover the losses of the costs of idle computers. That is why HPC As A Service is the solution that every owner of high performance operation should visit.
One of the biggest benefits of this service is that it allows you to perform high performance transactions entirely over the cloud and internet connection without making an extra investment or incurring hidden costs. It is up to the portvMind experts to adjust the size, needs and quality of the transaction you are going to do, as you just focus on your work and only be interested in the result of the transaction.
This service is offered by portvMind as a great requirement for companies that perform high-performance transactions, do them at regular intervals and not have to allocate too much resources or time into them. In case of a resource needed is greater than the benefit obtained, portvMind can easily offer you the computer design and performance you need with HPC As A Service package specially prepared for you.

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