Disaster Recovery as a Service


Are you ready to be beat down any kind of crisis with your reliable friend portvmind?

With the Disaster Recovery As A Service infrastructure that minimizes any operational risk, portvMind successfully eliminates any crisis that may have caused you nightmares and threatened your business.

Now you can turn your biggest fears into your biggest advantage thanks to portvMind.



With Disaster Recovery As A Service, we can always keep portvmind customers ready for different scenarios.

With the unique ability provided by 3 different data points, the enterprises that uses portvMind services can be at their desks as soon as possible thanks to the immunity Disaster Recovery As A Service provides against earthquake, flood, fire, accident and other unforeseen situations.

We do not only measure our success by crisis management in measuring and restoring data, but also with how we can demonstrate the expert competence of portvMind in important issues such as the speed, management, information and adaptation that companies need.

Your data in the portvMind data center is transferred to the new digital center, as soon as you confirm that the disaster situation is eliminated or alternatively, you can resume your operation in another work environment. This transfer process will take a very short time via our amplified bandwidth and all your data and processes can be restored as if nothing had happened.
Literally minutes! Depending on the situation and gravity of the disaster, the fastest recovery scenario possible is applied after our expert team contacts you, and you can get your company back to work as soon as possible.
Destructions, floods, fire, earthquakes, long-term power outages, other types of shortcomings in the building, or any other circumstance that is impossible to overcome or require a very long time to solve that can occur at the headquarters of your company or at other connected points such as warehouse, transportation center, store, etc. are called a “disaster”. These events, which take place without your knowledge or consent, are sometimes predictable and they may knock on your door in the most unexpected moment. But remember, thanks to portvMind Disaster Recovery As A Service, you are guaranteed to never receive damaged from any of these occurances.
PortvMind backs up the data you hold on your digital and processes by connecting to your servers that are hundreds of kilometers away, periodically and without causing any interruption. These reserves are kept ready to start running at any time and are put into operation after an active signal is received in case of a crisis. PortvMind offers 100% guarantee against any kind of crisis with its infrastructure and team.
For companies, crisis management can be the biggest factor in critical times. For many types of crises, the unknown physical effect have put companies in a difficult situation and in some cases took away their years of experience. The most effective preparations against crises have the potential to take successful enterprises onto an even higher level on its worst day and can protect company´s assets across all areas. Disaster Recovery As A Service protects you against many predicted or unpredictable crises and is committed to doing this as quickly as possible without disrupting your work.

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