Business Continuity as a Service


We are aware of the difficulties caused by not being able to access your most trusted applications while doing business.

Any sudden disruption of your most critical work can cause both your progress and your capital to diminish.

In order to protect you from these risks, we offer Business Continuity As a Service, the solution that will be able to quickly take charge of the situation in case of any shortcoming your applications may experience and provide you with the opportunity to continue where you left off.



Thanks to BCAAS, you will no longer be a victim of interruptions. You can reach your working platform simultaneously with your current data that portvMind copies in real time.

PortvMind data centers are always kept on standby to protect the continuity of your business against interruptions and give you the ability to get back to your business in a very short time.

While some risks caused by interruptions can lead to irreversible results in your operations, those same risks can no longer go beyond having a coffee break for your employees thanks to portvMind.

The information we need is determined during meetings with your team. Taking into consideration the details such as CPU, memory and data size, the most suitable Business Continuity As a Service environment is decided and your new system that will protect you from any interruption is designed and put into use. At the time of interruption, the pre-copied data is brought to desired digital environments by our experts.
PortvMind infrastructure seamlessly makes copies of your servers to its servers periodically within the framework of Business Continuity As a Service. These automatic copies are summoned immediately if you experience interruptions to allow you to return to your business without suffering any loss of performance.
The continuity of your business is a factor that affects not only your time but also your reputation and budget. PortvMind provides you with Business Continuity As a Service service, protecting your earnings and making sure that your operations continue no matter what by preventing possible interruptions.

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