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In the professional world all unpredictable risks are our biggest enemies. The risks you may encounter in the world of IT and technology have the potential to overpower your knowledge and deeply affect your work flows if things start heading south.

All backup operations that you carry out with your own capabilities may also become an additional burden and you must be aware that they are getting further away from being the optimum solution.

portvMind brings you the world-renowned Avamar solutions to provide the best version of Backup As A Service.



While you continue working, we do real-time or periodic backups without creating any retardation in your systems, allowing us to store your highly valuable information with the most secure portvMind Backup As A Service.

Thus, in case of any risk, we keep the information you desire in its fullest form without the need for infrastructure investment or procedural complexity.

With our experienced team and our ISO certified operations in 3 different data centers, we have always managed to be one step ahead of our competitors with the highspeed access and rock-solid backup systems of Backup As A Service.

In this era, it is no longer appropriate to do back-ups with manual methods or invest in the infrastructure that result very costly for the enterprise. Using Backup As A Service services of portvmind cloud access and to make use of comprehensive protection with a single move that can save your costs and reduce all risks to 0.
Once you determine the capacity you need, the number of users / servers and your preferred periods that you want to carry out a backup, you are good to go. portvMind’s software will perform your backup work at any pre-determined time. Our software and infrastructure are designed to use all of your infrastructure at minimum, making it possible to move all changes over the cloud.
portvMind Backup As A Service can seamlessly backup all your devices using Windows / Mac / Linux / IOS operating softwares. We can back up all the information you need by installing our Avamar Backup application on user computers and data centers.
With portvMind Backup As A Service, you will use the leading solution of its field, EMC’s Avamar. During this service you will be protected with Palo Alto, which is also known as the most secure cloud protection system. You can experience the convenience of storing your data with portvMind Backup As A Service even in the most risky situations without getting bothered or interrupted.
Alongside user computers, you can fully protect your servers, databases, extra-connected devices and all data processing systems with operating system infrastructure provided by portvMind’s Backup As A Service. If you want find out how many protection points you need, then it is the right time to contact the portvMind engineers.

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