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9 main reasons to start working with portvMind today

20+ Years of Experience

Reliable solutions and pioneer services

3 Data Centers

We eliminate the risks of data loss and system shutdown

A+ Hardware and Software

We bring you the most current and best quality hardware and software support

7/24 Surveillance and Intervention

Capable of full surveillance and immediate intervention

7 Different ISO Certifications

Meet portvMind services and solutions following the regulations of its field, comply with ITIL processes and registered with international certifications.

All Senior Engineering Team Support

We build trust with expert portvMind engineering team.

Winner of Bilisim 500

Numbers don’t lie. Turkey’s best IT service provider is portvMind

%99.999 Uptime

We now serve our unique services with 99.999% uptime guarantee

Haute Couture Designs

Meet corporate special designs for your needs and demands

Platform as a Service

Your Way to Development
Get your highly efficient platform designed for your goals with your new interface portvMind experts designed specially designed for you. Focus on your own work, instead of dealing with complex structures and applications that require continuous development.
Platform as a Service
Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Eliminate Risks Altogether!
PortvMind is the most reliable local data center in backups, and it allows you to keep your systems and data in different data centers. You can minimize the risk of data loss by making use of 3 different data centers of the portvMind infrastructure with the cloud and on-premise option.
Don´t let bad people, software, and management affect your company. The portvMind infrastructure provides continuous protection in the cloud or with on-premise support. It does not allow your business to stop to protect you from any scenarios that may damage your data.
Disaster Recovery as a Service
Business Continuity as a Service

Business Continuity as a Service

Don’t let your business take a break
Identify all operational and technical risks faced by your organization with our expert staff. Ensure the continuity of your operation with risk management strategies and practical solutions specially developed for you.

IT Management as a Service

Time becomes your best friend!
portvMind continues to provide IT management services to its solution partners with more than 20 years of experience in IT services. You can manage all the IT processes of your company with our expert staff via cloud or on-premise solutions.
IT Management as a Service
SAP HANA as a Service

SAP HANA as a Service

Easiest adoption of development
Organizations transitioning to SAP HANA benefit from a proven technology platform developed for disciplined operations and predictable business growth. They also lay a foundation for the capabilities ranging from real-time analytics to the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain architecture, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

HPC as a Service

Your own capacity for everything!
Meet portvMind cloud services or fully on-premise support to adapt to your changing needs and manage your resources. Overcome all complex processes that would require substantial capacity enhancement with the right infrastructure and management and with maximum efficiency.
HPC as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service
Start using our Infrastructure as Service on the portvMind cloud system to increase scalability and flexibility of your IT structures at effective costs.
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